Julia Kay Jamieson - harpist, composer, teacher
The HarpCore4: An exciting, entertaining and innovative harp quartet performing unexpected, edgy (and often humorous) arrangements of popular music. The group formed in 2002 with the purpose of broadening the public’s perception of the harp. There was also great interest in squeezing four harps into a practice room at the University of Illinois and goofing off. The original arrangements, by Julia Kay Jamieson and Charles W. Lynch III, challenge the harp and harpists by using unusual sounds and techniques to illustrate a genre of music not often associated with the harp. With a fond focus on 80's pop, the group plays works by Madonna, The Bangles, A-ha and Sting. Their debut performance was in 2003 at the Maverick Festival where they premiered Jamieson’s arrangement of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Since then they have been heard on WILL-FM public radio, featured at the 2007 American Harp Society National Summer Institute in Chicago, performed at the 2008 Boneyard Arts Festival in Illinois, given the opening concert for the 2004 Illinois Summer Harp Class, performed in Georgia at the invitation of Dr. Roslyn Rensch-Noah and were seen at the American Harp Society National Conference-Tacoma in 2010.
Claire Happel + Julia Kay Jamieson + Charles W. Lynch III + Molly McKenzie Madden + Erin Brooker

Julia Kay Jamieson  217/390.6474  harphands@gmail.com