Julia Kay Jamieson - harpist, composer, teacher


Whether it is an intimate tea party or a large reception, the harp can set a great mood for your event.  I am happy to play in a number of styles based on your preference from jazz to classical, pops, Celtic or a mix.


The harp is a great instrument to accompany any wedding. It works on its own or with another instrument (organ, voice, flute etc.)
Setting up an in-person consultation is the best way to pick out music just right for your wedding. I am happy to accommodate special requests or offer suggestions based on your personal musical taste. Pick anything from Pachelbel's "Canon in D" to a-ha's "Take on Me". I am also happy to accommodate theme weddings such as "Renaissance" or "Disney". 


I love to share my music with the community! I have played formal classical recitals, pops concerts, educational recitals for children, holiday recitals and charity concerts for many years. Often I like to bring multiple harps to give variety and show the range of the instrument. I play pedal, lever and also Douglas Joy Single-Action (formerly known as Dilling) harps.  The harp is an amazing instrument- colorful, diverse and beautiful.

Religious Services and Memorials

I am experienced in playing a variety of religious services and memorials both as a solo harpist and as accompaniment to choir, bell choir or solo voice. I have a large repertoire spanning denominations and I also take great interest in special requests.



It is so important for harpists to share ideas and learn from each other. Topics of particular interest to me are improvisation, creative teaching, and composing and arranging for the harp (for harpists and composers). It is my pleasure to facilitate and lead in discussions, activities and experiments.

Julia Kay Jamieson  217/390.6474  harphands@gmail.com