Julia Kay Jamieson - harpist, composer, teacher



"Julia is a truly vibrant and passionate performer - her performances are spellbinding."

-Dr. J. Michael Holmes, Clinical Assistant Professor of Music, University of Illinois School of Music

"I have rarely heard such a varied programme of harp music as Julia gave at her concert: from staples like Renié's "Contemplation" and Britten's "Interlude" to music from a "Charlie Brown" movie and Freddie Mercury's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Many of the pieces were arranged by Julia herself both for the pedal harp and for her small "Dilling" harp and you could hear her enthusiasm and love for the music in her playing."

-Judith Cummings, professional harpist and teacher, President Seattle Chapter AHS


"Ms. Jamieson has a such a gift for engaging and inspiring her audiences and her students. I had the pleasure of watching her conduct an ensemble in Seattle, and I was so impressed by the rapport that she built among the eight of them over the short course of a weekend. I suspect they were having so much fun together because of Ms. Jamieson's contagious enthusiasm. She presents her music with a playfulness and joy that makes you want to rush home and practice!"

-Cheryl Flugan Geels, Kirkland, WA


"Harpist, teacher, and arranger Julia Jamieson was a major artist in the Central Illinois musical community. With impeccable, imaginative, and innovative technique, she was in constant demand to collaborate with the area’s finest musicians in orchestras, chamber music, and recitals. Audiences loved her!"

-Barbara Hedlund, Cellist, Educator, Fine Arts Administrator, Publisher


"Her concert was an amalgamation of classical pieces like the Prokofiev "Prelude", the Renié "Contemplation", and the de Falla "Spanish Dance No. 1" with her transcriptions of Duke Ellington, Astor Piazzolla and Freddie Mercury, to name just part of the program. She's a beautiful player and her transcriptions stay as close to the original as she could. Applause was long and loud."

-Jocye Rice, chair of harpspectrum.org





"Julia Jamieson's refreshing approach to teaching the harp makes learning the instrument fun and dynamic. Whether you're learning beside her or through online video lessons, she is able to simultaneously interject energy and warmth into teaching, while knowing exactly how to coach you into giving your very best performance whether or not you play for an audience. Her patience, care for teaching, and expertise as a harpist makes every moment as her student enjoyable."

-Amanda Krueger, harp student, Michigan

"We were excited to find Julia at a time when our daughter, Rachel, needed the passion & fun that Julia passes onto her students! She continued teaching her classically, but also pulled from many different genres of music to keep her excited about what she was learning. Julia also encouraged her to pursue auditions for college scholarships. Thanks to Julia's encouragement Rachel went onto play in college and graduate with a music minor emphasis in harp!"

-Kerry Fisher,harp parent, Illinois

"Julia has been my music teacher from the time I obtained my instrument, a small 32 string chromatic lyre, about ten years ago. There was an approximately 5 year pause in the middle of my lessons while I moved around the country, but, to my great pleasure, we both ended up here in Oregon, and I continue in Eugene to benefit from her joy in music. She has been able to respond to all of my wide ranging musical interests with enthusiasm and expert knowledge, and I consider the benefits of her instruction immense. I would give her the highest recommendation to anyone wanting to learn music."

-Erik Johnson, retired computer animator, artist, painter.


"Creative Teaching" Workshop


"Excellent thought-provoking workshop"

-Susan Haas, professional harpist and private instructor, Lake Tapps, WA


"Fearless Improvisation" Workshop


"It was a fun workshop. Julia has so much energy and is very encouraging. I liked the fact that she kept reminding us to "have a point!". Even a simple musical idea keeps improv from being random and connects the harpist to her audience."

-Cynthia Rice Kuni, Snoqualmie WA

Julia Kay Jamieson  217/390.6474  harphands@gmail.com